BIKRAM, YOGA & PILATES.  Est. 2011. 13 Edina Place, EDINBURGH, EH7 5RN

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The School is now, temporarily, 
Open Only for those on Subscription Membership. 

This decision is with our best hope to push us forwards. We will be undertaking both necessary and creative renovations towards collaboration and expansion in January 2023.

We are reducing the schedule in December to urgently reduce costs, and to complete the work. Spaces will be limited to the classes we can offer, so we made the considered decision to offer these classes to those on membership.

We will be hosting a couple of posture clinics this month everyone is welcome to join, and we will set you up with a great home practice with hot tents to rent and recorded classes. (and it is never too late to commit to your practice and help save our school and sign up for membership ; )

We will begin again, with so much more, as early possible in 2023.

Please stay in touch on here for updates.
P.S. if you missed earlier posts

For all on remaining class cards - we apologise for this inconvenience. Your expiry dates will be extended for the duration of time we are closed. We are sorry we cannot offer refunds. You are most welcome to transfer any value remaining towards joining the membership.


The past couple of years has been a crazy scary wild ride, THANK YOU for keeping us together -finally the light at the end of the tunnel is expanding.

If we don’t see you on the mat,

See You in a Very  Light & Bright 2023!


Cash Only

Class Fees