The Original 26&2  

Hot Bikram Yoga


"The cure for anything is salt water -sweat, tears or the sea'

Isak Dinesen

Introductory Offer £20


Re Intro (not been for over 12 months?)

£30 for 2 Weeks

Unlimited Classes!


Going Live

Whilst on lock down we will be bringing you all classes via Zoom.

You will need to download the app if you have not already, but it only takes a moment, you only have to do it once and its free!

Please do join our Facebook group 'Shere Calm United' for the link that will bring the classes to you, and all the things we are going to be bringing you in the coming weeks; keeping us sane, and together. 

Please stay connected Yogis and join in the classes and the chats, this will be a closed group, it's just your fellow Yogis, and we will take good care of each other.

(If you do not have facebook, good for you! Please email us

and we will send you the link.

If you are on membership or have classes on your account, you will automatically be approved by admin. (If your facebook name is different your name on our system, please let us know. 

At this stage we will not be deducting any classes from your account. 

To those of you still with us on subscription, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your ongoing support and love at such a time, means so very much. We appreciate that your (and our) situations may change daily at the moment, so please stay in touch. Your name will be engraved on the brick wall forever. A small gesture but, you truly are now holding us up together, and we love you all!.

If you do not have an active membership, please consider buying some classes, which will be there on your account on the other side. If this is not possible, please consider  donating something for your teachers, especially if you are participating in the classes. 

We are all in this together.

We will not turn anyone away due to lack of funds! Please get in touch. 


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£20 = One Week Unlimited Classes!

Intro Bonus

Attend min. 3 Classes & Bring a Buddy in your first week......

Get the next week Unlimited Classes FREE!

First timers/residents only.)



(£2.55 per day!)

(Unlimited classes. Standing order.

Min 6 months+deposit).

Drop In

Bikram Yoga  £14

Rogue Bikram  £12

Inferno  £12

10 Classes  £100 (£10 per class. Exp. 6mnths*)

30 Classes £260 (£8.66 per class. Exp. 12mnths*) 

Month Unlimited  £100 (£3.22 per day)

Annual Membership  £850 (2.32 per day)

Visitor 3 Class  £30

Visitor Week Unlimited  £35

Mat Rental  £1

Towel Rental  £2

Monthly Mat Storage  £5

20% discount available for all students,

nurses and senior citizens. 

Karma Yoga / Work-Study trades available,

See 'Workstudy' or ask in school

*Expiry dates can be extended 3 months for £20



26 Asanas (postures)

2 Pranayamas (breath exercises)

In an ideal 

105F Hot Room with 40% humidity.

Everybody can experience this practice, regardless, of age, form or ability.

Benefits of Practice

Each component of the series takes care of something different in the body and soul.  Together they work in synergy and contribute to the success of one another. Along with the compression and stretching, stillness and breath in the specific asanas, your heart rate will increase and reduce for a strong and safe cardiovascular workout promoting optimum function of all the systems in your body.  

The series promotes better health from your first visit, and regular practice can bring glowing health and

limitless benefits including (but not limited to)

Improved sleep,  Reduced stress,  Glowing skin,  Flexible spine and joints,  Improved posture,  Relief from trauma,  Regulated blood pressure,  Regulated weight,  Improved mental clarity, Expansion of lungs and breath control,  Alleviates eczema and asthma,  Enhances physical performance in all activities,  Improves healing and prevention of injuries,  Stretches and tones muscles,  Increases flexibility, Strengthens immune system and Relieves chronic pain.

It has been experienced by millions and proven scientifically; the postures and breathing exercises practiced regularly in Bikram Yoga  work every part of your body systematically. Giving your organs, veins, arteries, ligaments and muscles everything they need to achieve maximum function and maintain ultimate health.

The choreography of this series simply extends the benefits above and beyond those which

are achieved from other yoga disciplines.


Find Us

13 Edina Place EH7 5RN

Just off Easter Road. 

On Edina Place, at the end of the first tenement block on your left, there is a gated archway, you will see our sign, pictured below, above you. 

Look through and you will see wings and a warehouse - the school.

We have bike railings available to all, and a small car park available (please ask).