Training Programme


Upon successful application you will receive

A copy of the Standing Series Dialogue 

Recommended and Essential reading lists

Your Training Agreement


1. Memorise the standing series (minimum) Your training may not continue until this part is complete


2. You are expected to practice at least 4 x per week Bikram Yoga In Edinburgh, at an approved school, or in a suitable alternative environment (please ask)

3. Begin essential reading list


4. Attend one x 1hr meeting per week with  a member of faculty Dialogue support, check in, guidance, kudos, kick up the ass, gentle encouragement etc


5. Additional hours group dialogue practice with willing trainees, teachers, students (zoom,in school or anywhere you choose)


You will be responsible for keeping record of your study and practice hours 

Edinburgh Training 3 Weeks

Practice 11 x classes per week.


Attend Posture clinics

(alignments and understanding the dialogue)


Learn how to safely teach a class

the dialogue & beyond


Anatomy & Physiology

(relevant to the asanas we teach

Pop Quizzes & Written Papers 

Karma shifts in school

Software training


Responsibilities and accountability as a teacher


Code of Ethics for teaching

2 Weeks -  Graduates Away

Two x 1 week placements

at 2 pre approved Bikram Yoga schools

(Worldwide possibilities)

You will teach and practice daily during this time, generally be a wonderful addition to the schools and communities, implement all you have learned, and continue to elaborate 

Your reputation and life as teacher begins here