Our Lineage

Forever proudly connected with two Almighty Brothers

Paramahansa Yogananda and Bishnu Ghosh.

Among many other wonderful things, Bishnu Ghosh taught from a school in Calcutta. Using the Asanas we practice, and many more; Case by case, he healed individuals with a personally tailored practice. Bishnu taught Bikram Choudhury these Asanas, and gave him the task of bringing them to the masses. Bikram travelled to Los Angeles. He composed a 26 posture and 2 breathing exercise series, that could be accessible to every body. Emma Campion studied with Bikram in 2001 and has been true to his teachings ever since. All the teachers at B.E.Hot Yoga have trained in accordance with these teachings.


To many it will always be known as Bikram Yoga. The name distinguishes from the many affected copycat hot yogas that have developed since.  It connects a great community and allows us to find each other and  the Yoga we love, wherever we find ourselves. We are incredibly proud to teach Bikram Yoga. The best Yoga series in the world, hands down.


In recent years Bikram Yoga and the entire community took a battering. If you see the netflix film you may have opinions. You may also see how incredible teacher trainings used to be. Bikram truly had a magic to teach. Whatever a student needed, he held a mirror in himself. Over the years the trainings grew to ridiculous numbers, the support was not there and the magic got twisted. Many of the previous teachers who facilitated wonderful trainings, had passed or moved on. Bikram was left surrounded by sycophants wanting to touch his feet, with little or no real care for the Yoga or the trainees. At this time Bikram is not facilitating teacher trainings. All the above creates a possibility that some who would find this practice life changing, will never try it. 


True Story

Mostly happily messed up when Gilly, my phenomenal Godmother, encouraged me to study with Bikram  in Los Angeles. Previously I also had broken my spine falling off a balcony, and a lot in my body didn’t work properly.  


On first meeting, I found Bikram childlike and funny;  He became friend,  foe,  father,  brother, ultimately a kind teacher. His style of teaching suited me. He remains one of the most intuitive, wisest people I have met. A great teacher for me and countless others.

Practicing twice daily, my spine and my body came back relatively quickly. Within a couple of weeks I was physically pain free for the first time in years. As the training progressed other things came up, and healing from having been raped when I was younger was relatively straightforward. The dreams and flashbacks stopped and I stopped caring it had happened.  I didn’t really question this.  I graduated to teach that year, quit my job as an RGN, and Bikram helped me find a job in Kauai HI. (couple of classes a week, living on a beach eating mangoes).  Beginning many incredible years of travelling and teaching. 


In 2005 I was hit by a bus.

An excellent serendipitous happening from that day - as I was medivaced to the specialist unit in London, my nephew was on his way to being born the same day in the same hospital. Visitors burst in to tears when they saw my face; My nephew did not cry when we met the next day which was quite lovely.

Some unpleasant minutes from that day were a panicked shout of  'don't move her" whilst I was still on the CAT scan - then the room filling with more doctors, then specialists. everyone talking, me smacked up not feeling any part of my body, only extreme pain in my face, and them freaking me out my neck was done.  Happily though, the scan showed pretty much every joint and bone through the right side of my body, including the vertebrae, had fine line fractures, but not one was out of place. I told the team about the Yoga, and it was generally agreed I was (almost) fine, and concluded I had bounced back in to my bones, all my vitals protected. I was walking the next day and my recovery and healing time was less than half what the doctors predicted.  


A year after that I was drugged and raped by two men. For many reasons, this time the devastation and the fallout was greater. I began twice daily classes again, questioned and accepted what had happened, and detached from it - with the intention of really studying what the body and this yoga was capable of. Along with some great teachers, I studied my fascia. The practice showed blockages created by injuries from the bus and toxic memories from the rape held within the blockages. Through study, meditation and regression therapy (completely relevant !), but mostly through practicing Bikram Yoga, in pieces I recovered the drugged memory; clear horrific images would come up, often tears and all kinds of cramp and pain, but then it would leave, bits at a time. The toughest, funnest, and best of loves (my friend and training soulmate John), got me up of the floor and on the mat every day; And then we would go play frisbee. Re-run until the work was done.  I can only imagine where my life might be without Bikram Yoga (and Gilly and John), but I am certain it would not be as wonderful as it is.


Forever grateful for the part that Bikram Yoga and Bikram himself have played in my life.  Only Love is more than enough to deal with the dark side. Karma will restore balance to all involved. Something bright and fantastic also always has a shadow side. The ironies far from lost and very powerful. I know it is my work to share this Yoga with as many as possible. Everyone has a story, many a little or a lot broken, and I believe we can all be fixed with time and this Yoga. It is just a body we are residing in, fix that and the fascia, and the soul will always choose to be happy. 



Stay in the Light, energy is better placed there.  


B.E.Hot will always offer Bikram Yoga because it works, we love it and it loves us. It is a big piece of magic in an often seemingly very dark world, It should be available to anyone willing to step on to a mat in a (relative) torture chamber with an Open Heart. 

Schools and Trainings continue to appear, with plenty to allow everyone to find their fit.  

Most of us care very much about the integrity of this series, and we will always need great teachers. But, of course some folk have different ideas of what is great and the practice is continuously at risk of being diluted. 

With this the driving force to even assume the mighty responsibility of teacher training and the essential need to continue this Lineage - With the upmost respect to Past & Present Teachers and to the pure brilliance of this Yoga, Emma and some great friends and teachers now come together, as required, to facilitate Training.