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Dear B.E. Family & Friends

(and maybe those we have yet to meet), 

Myself, Wolfie and our whole community want to take this opportunity to offer the warmest of thanks to those of you who have generously donated to our ongoing fundraiser. At this time, every thing really counts - every penny, every flyer, and every word of love shared. Thank you all.

Your support and kindness has firmly convinced us that the school is here to stay. The heart of our school is about YOU and always has been, meaning we believe it to be the perfect time for this next step…

Would you love to own your share of B.E.Hot Yoga?

This exciting opportunity means that you can own a piece of your beloved school for £1K.
£1,000 will buy one 0.05% share.

Your investment will be held until enough is raised to clear the outstanding lockdown debts and a new lease secured. Following this, we will form a cooperation together, and decide how best to spend the remaining funds.

You are invited to be as involved as you wish— a little, a lot, or not (simply receive your annual dividend). Once everyone is happy we will register the Coop with Companies House.

If you have already kindly donated….this can be transferred towards the purchase of share(s).

If you want to become a teacher, your investment can be deducted from your training fee.

The first 10 people who invest will also receive a complimentary 15 class card (or equivalent value if you're a member - £180!) to use for themselves or gift to friends/family.


You are welcome to purchase more than one share.

Please email with any questions you may have and for further details about purchasing shares. 

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