S C H E D U L E  C H A N G E S

and Why.......
(Please all read before next coming to class).

We are listening, and the fear for now, is very real for many. With love and respect to all of you, and those of you in isolation we are here to support you, always. 
All of you choosing to continue your practice , we are thankful, proud, and of course here to support you also, always. 


We are determined to keep the school open. Shere Calm will focus on optimum health and well being only. Bikram Yoga is more than Yoga. It is medicine. Full stop. We still on the mat, guarantee this for ourselves. The belief is imperative. Now is the worst of times to let our immune systems weaken, our minds weaken, and our stress levels to rise. Not that easy, some I know will be saying. Or is it. How quickly can you change a thought?


Like many small businesses this has already been a blow. We have to cut costs. The only, temporary, schedule changes we plan are, replacing a couple with silent classes(*), and removing Inferno from the weekly schedule; instead bringing you Live Web Classes! This is the brainchild of our darling Heather, which is now both pertinent and exciting; to be able to bring you all something new and brilliant amongst the doom and gloom. The first of these classes will be Tuesday at 10am. Watch this space for details on how to participate.

If it is impossible for you to come to Bikram Yoga, please please get in touch and we will support you in setting up a home practice. We also will be looking into the possibility of bringing you in to the classes remotely. 


We must reiterate, do not come to class if you have any relevant symptoms. Likewise if you may have put yourself at risk or in contact. When on the premises please wash your hands and be respectful. Your teachers will sign you in. So as you approach the desk simply give your full name, and ask for anything required. 


Those of you that know me, know posts like this are extremely hard for me to write. Not because I do not have moments of fear. Like many I have loved ones who are vulnerable and I give a shit about our world. But I choose with every cell of my being, not to focus fear, and I do not want to put energy into this. There are many already doing so and I genuinely do not see the point in adding mine. Like many of you, and many more out there, I have complete faith in the power of consciousness and positive thought. The mass fear at the moment scares me, far, far more than the virus. With this is mind -



If you have fear talk, or germs, please do not come to class. Get in touch and we will work with you as mentioned above. When on the premises the game is finding other things to talk and smile about. It’s a good game I promise! 

I hope this goes without saying, but important to note; We have a strong team of Yogis, with limitless support in meeting any needs, be it shopping/a friendly phone call/your hearts desire, as required. Dear Yoga Family, do not hesitate to call upon Your Yoga Family. Contact for anything and everything via info@sherecalm.com 


I believe from this, we will see stronger communities and far more love between us all, globally. There is after all, ultimately, only Love. It has been suggested that I live on a different planet by some. I invite you all to join me if you would like. Let’s do Yoga, stay strong, find the love and the laughs and focus ONLY on Health and Wellbeing. Love and Yoga always wins.

(*)apologies this class is not suitable for those will less than 30 classes experience).