Credentials Disclaimers Agreements  Yours, Ours & Considerations.


Before we begin

Our mutual goal will be to keep things simple and happy. The worlds population, undoubtedly, desperately needs more Bikram Yoga and less chaos.

We take this responsibility seriously, and tread gently, with the utmost respect to Our Lineage


An Agreement will be approved and signed by yourself, Emma Campion and a third member of the training

With all parties in full, clear, agreement

on all expectations 

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Tinka Yoga is not associated with the Yoga Alliances supporting Bikram Yoga at this time. To summarise this decison -

We, are unable to agree with criteria for graduating teachers; Can not agree with all the curriculum guidelines; Do not like that we would all have to pay ongoing fees - and can find no real life advantages for future teachers, in what is offered in return

 Please research yourself before making any decisions 

Appreciative that this may be something that concerns you, please read on


1. We will hold ourselves accountable - always with integrity, a decent moral compass, honesty, kindness, clear thinking, love and respect for each other


2. We are confident in our abilities to help steer you in the right directions for you, and to proudly coach you to teach and practice Bikram Yoga in its purest form

3. We will trust that you will always continue to learn and develop as a teacher and Yogi. And, that we will see you at teacher trainings every once in a while. We will surely stay in touch as appropriate


4. We are confident that your standing as a great teacher of this series (helped of course by your being a good human) will always serve you well and take you wherever you want to go within this incredible world wide community.

Please ask if you have any questions or concerns

The Agreement 

Everyone involved in this Teacher Training

will be fully aware and held accountable for their responsibilities in

Being truthful, kind, honest and respectful 

Maintaining open & honest communication 

Maintaining professional and personal boundaries

 Not making suggestive/inappropriate advances to anyone

or entering into intimate relationships during training 


Prior to Graduating All parties agree that it is essential trainees


1. Memorise the dialogue, to a comfortable, competent flow of words - able to guide a class which we all would be delighted to practice

2. Grade above 75% on all things written and practical


All Graduates must achieve First Aid Certification

Within 6 Months of Training Commencing

(own integrity, time & expense)

It is highly recommended that all Yogis attend Vipassana 

(own integrity & sense of adventure, donation based courses)

Your Agreement will not necessarily be limited to the above.