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Emma Katharine Campion

Gilly Evans Adkins, a phenomenal Godmother, friend and teacher encouraged me to study with Bikram Choudhury, (at the time life was fairly chaotic and destructive, work as a nurse was restricted due to an accident where I broke my spine, and I had been raped and had not recovered well). I studied, trained, healed and then qualified to teach Bikram Yoga in Los Angeles, Spring 2001. This led to countless excellent adventures teaching around the world for 10+ years; predominantly in Kauai, Chicago, Ibiza, London and New Zealand; Studying and practicing with some of the greatest teachers of this series in the world, and healing from further severe physical accidents and trauma along the way. There is no doubt that this practice caught me every time, it taught me to ride the waves, and it brought me to Scotland to open our school in 2012. 

Now, having practiced, loved and taught this series for more than 21 years, still learning; I know the magic it holds, how to teach it, and how to make it work for every body (if they let it). Bikram Yoga and its ability to transform is extremely powerful. Practiced without foundation or (the right kind of) discipline it can make things and people go crazy. I respect this and do my best to keep it simple. My job is to coach the bodies out of their comfort zones and towards their best ability - this allows the souls to take care of themselves. It is the students job to trust and let the words guide their body, to look in the mirror and find themselves, whatever that might mean, as and when it happens. 


I am not for everyone and everyone is not for me, but we can work with that. I can Love every body on their mats and its ok for them to get cross with me sometimes if thats what it takes. Some say I am a tough teacher, but when they stick around long enough they feel the Love, because that is all there really is, and it was in them all along. I am very grateful to those that do stick around, and for this part of my lovely life.

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