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"Having been a amateur football player and mad keen runner up until I smashed my right knee through the dashboard off my marina coupe car, I had always kept myself in reasonable shape. But as my age, my job as a painter and decorator, plus having never had to worry about what I ate, the weight started creeping up on me a stone at a time. I had severe sciatica twice and a prolapsed disc. Two stiff hips, and a burst knee cap with no fluid. I knew I had to do something about it. 7 years ago after hearing  about the bikram yoga place that had opened 2 streets away, I decided enough is enough I have to do something about it. So in between xmas and new year of that year I went round to have a look, nice simple set up with no frills, but a welcoming vibe to it. I said to the girl on the front desk I was thinking of joining in the New Year - fresh start new me etc! To which she replied 'Why wait till then? where do you stay? Why not fill in the form go get your stuff and start today?" It was exactly what I needed. Several years down the line that girl (Emma) is still telling me what to do. I practise 3 times a week and love it or should I say love what it has done for me. l'm no Adonis but my breathing, movements, sleep patterns, posture,  back and General health have all improved over that period. The teachers are all bikram yoga trained and certificated. There to see you do the 26 postures the right way but never push you to far. To go into a room full of students, all at different levels can be hard enough; so to be told that just staying in the room and taking it easy and observing whats going on around you for the first couple of classes, helps. No pressure, enjoy - its only yoga!

Then you start to enjoy it, feel the benifits, concentrate and before you know it you're hooked! I do about 18 postures ok. 4 I try my best and 4 I still cant get near but I have the rest of my life to get there my teachers tell me. I am in a place that's full of mirrors but they are to check your alignment not your hair and makeup  A place where you can sweat, breathe and smile at the same time. It may not seem much but every time you make a breakthrough you grow and want to return. I have hips that move .kneecaps that both look the same,  better posture and have seen my ribs for the first time in years. Not the finished article by a long way, I still getting told to suck in my belly and lock my knees but hope to keep trying for many years to come.... thank you to Emma and her teachers."

John Reynolds

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