Now is the perfect time to practice a lot of Yoga! Choose to be strong and healthy in body, mind and soul.  You might have noticed a Planetary and Universal shift is happening? Some say this is the Dawning of a New Age.  We highly recommend doing everything you can to fly with it. 

Spiral Up Yogis!

We are here to assist in the best way we believe we can.

Whilst on lock down we are bringing you all classes via Zoom and a secure group.

To those of you still with us on Subscription Membership, (you will automatically be approved by admin). 

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your ongoing support and love at such a time, means so very much. We appreciate that your (and our) situations may change daily at the moment.

Your name will be engraved on the brick wall forever.

A small gesture but, you truly are now holding us up together, and We Love You All!.

If you have classes on your account, (you will automatically be approved by admin).

We will only deduct one class from your account for every 2 zoom classes attended.

Monthly unlimited or annual memberships, we will be unfreezing your account if you

are attending zoom classes; but will add an additional week to every month affected. 

Please if you have not already, join in the wonder of our Zoom classes, granted, not the same without the heat but spectacular in so many other ways you have not yet realised.


If you do not have a current membership please purchase in advance -


Drop in zoom class £5.


12 regular classes for the price of 10 (£100) and receive 2 for 1 on zoom classes 


35 regular classes for the price of 30 (£250) and receive 2 for 1 on zoom classes 


(If out of this sooner than used, the classes will defer back to regular on your account when we reopen).

Your purchases will greatly help ensure the re-opening of our school on the other side.

They are also paying your teachers during this time.

Thank you kindly in advance.

If you are not in a position to buy classes, we will not turn anyone away due to lack of funds!

Get in touch via  info@sherecalm.com  

We are all in this together.


Purchase classes here and to be sure we know its you, enter your name at payment.











Stay connected Yogis.

Join the group, the classes, the smiles and the chats. 

Be assured this is a closed group, it is just your fellow Yogis, taking care of each other.

1). Request to join our Facebook group 'Shere Calm United',


for the links that will bring ALL the classes to you. 

Along with tips for your home practice and other brilliant things that are  

keeping us sane, safe, healthy, strong, happy and together. 

b). Download the Zoom app if you have not already, it only takes a moment,

you only have to do it once and its free!


(If your facebook name is different to your name on our system, do let us know).

(No facebook? Email  info@sherecalm.com and we will send you the link for classes.)