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Ingrid Ashworth

I started practicing Bikram yoga in March 2012. At the time I was struggling in many aspects of my life. I was stressed by my job in finance, I felt alone after the break up of a long term relationship and I struggled in managing medical conditions in Narcolepsy and Cataplexy.


Bikram yoga is my saviour. A meditation that allowed me to detract from the stresses of work. A physical practice that keeps me active and focused, so I don't experiences lapses of sleep. In addition a better sleep pattern, which with a medical condition such as narcolepsy is a foundation towards leading a full life. Previously a condition managed with severe medication, Bikram yoga becomes the medication.


In addition it offered a wonderful community outisde the hotroom, of people from all backgrounds, some of which have become very close friends. 


So inspired by the practice and its benefits to me and to others, I completed the Bikram teacher training in Spring 2016. 


I truly beleive everyone gains something from this practice, whether you suffer from a physical or mental ailment or just wish to maintain a happy self. My goal as a teacher is to inspire and encourage, so that each and every student discovers what they need from their own practice. The true beauty of Bikram yoga is that it is for everyone. 

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