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Jason Davis

I started out as a teacher in experiential learning; teaching self-reliance, team building and leadership skills through outdoor activities (rock climbing, hill walking, sailing and expeditions). After a shift in career and my job becoming mainly office based for the last 10 years, I couldn't ignore the changes that had taken place in my body and attitude, and was aching to find something to reverse the dedicated inattention I had applied to my life. 


I had wanted to try hot yoga for ages and my brother eventually talked me in to going to Bikram Yoga Edinburgh. I very quickly found myself arranging my life to make sure I could get to as many classes as possible each week, feeling tired but energised at the same time after each one, odd I know but you'll understand once you've tried it. The aches that had built up throughout my life started to disappear, stress no longer had such an impact and through yoga practice my focus, flexibility and happiness improved.


When the opportunity arose to go to Inferno Hot Pilates teacher training in Mallorca  I jumped at it. I found it to be such a good compliment to Bikram yoga, helping to build my core strength and endurance through high intensity interval training, which in turn helps my Bikram which then helps with inferno Pilates, the opposite of a vicious circle.

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