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"I have a neck problem, associated with pain in my shoulder and arm. For some years I struggled with this, supported with daily use of pain medicines. I explored many forms of exercise; pilates, yoga, running etc., which did offer some limited assistance to me. By chance, I happened upon bikram yoga, and for me the benefits were profound and evident from my first class. It is difficult living with chronic pain, and this discovery ultimately represented a turning point for me. Reflecting on the last five years, it has had a transformative effect on my life, and has proved to be a remarkably effective system for managing my condition. Over time, I found myself transitioning from medication daily, to occasionally, to exceptionally. As such it has liberated me to do my best in my endeavours and achieve my potential in life. It is unclear to me why this series helps me, but the results with my pain are so manifest as to be beyond question. Outside of this issue, this yoga is an unusually challenging and satisfying form of exercise, which I would recommended on that basis. I am very grateful, and feel I owe a lot to the practice."


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