Qualifications & Expectations (before, during & after Training)

You will develop knowledge, skills and awareness relative to:


The specifics and the magic of Bikram Yoga,


Why we teach, what we do, as we do

The dialogue and how to use it 


Teaching beyond the dialogue


Anatomy, Physiology & Welbeing in relation to Bikram Yoga

Personal Integrity & Self Awareness

Yoga Philosophy, Ethics, Code of Conduct

Finding your place within your practice and your teaching

Becoming a wonderful, genuine, teacher

Upon completion of all parts of the training programme,

you will become proudly Certified to teach 

Bikrams Beginning Yoga Class 

The Original 26&2 

as simply and as brilliantly as it was created to be 


You will have experience leading classes in three excellent schools, with great teachers, lovely students and a variety of mentors.


You will have attained (hopefully)

glowing references for your future


We will always do our best to connect you with like minded teachers and schools, wherever you may find  yourself in the world