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In recent times, many within our community have presented with symptoms, injuries, unexplained conditions and dis-ease. 

In depth, exhaustive research beyond main stream media, shows these numbers rapidly increasing globally.


We appreciate how difficult and uncomfortable this can be to talk about, 

especially if this is new and troubling information to discover. We are here for you, and luckily Bikram Yoga teaches us to get comfortable being uncomfortable, and - to each find our own Truth.


We have some measures in place to help us all take care of ourselves and each other. 

As a student of BEHot Yoga you will please honour these measures.

If you have had no adverse reactions and wish to continue with the booster regime, we absolutely respect Your Choice. 


However, we believe this practice will encourage your body to fight the product introduced, therefore defeating the intended purpose.

This may cause undue pressure on the isystems of your body. In particular we have justifiable concerns with cardiovascular and neurological risks. We also have justifiable concerns regarding shedding, (how we leave our DNA everywhere), and the impact this has on those who choose not to have the injections.

If you are continuing with injections, we have to recommend you try an alternative

(less restorative & corrective) form of Yoga.

If you have had your last injection...

Please do not practice for a Minimum of 4 weeks following.

If you have any flu like systems following (up to 3 months), please do not return until all symptoms have cleared 

(We will set you up with a home - restorative practice upon request and now have hot tents to rent!) 


Please email

BEFORE returning to practice.


If you have, or have had, an adverse reaction, please feel free contact us as soon as possible.

Whatever your beliefs, we encourage Everyone to please watch  this short documentary,

(objective & fact checked from all sides)

with an open mind and heart as always. Less than an hour of your time.

In equal parts, shocking, enlightening, heartbreaking, frightening and somewhat encouraging. 

This is shared with Love, Care and Hope!

 Watch here

If you have concerns or questions or suggestions about how we are addressing this, after watching

(or if you or any one you know has been affected),- email Emma

THANK YOU to those who agreed to help with our own research. Groundwork is showing Bikram Yoga can help alleviate symptoms, injuries and side affects. The cause is not entirely relevant; the practice simply redresses imbalance. Leading us to hopefully believe that if you have anything adverse happening, following injections, or long covid etc this damage can be repaired and whatever is causing the imbalance can potentially be removed from the body. Time and more case studies will tell. 

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