Subscription Membership

  1. You will always treat the school and all she holds with love & kindness. 

  2. Minimum 6 month commitment, and a deposit of one month paid up front is required. This can be used for your 6th month or any 'final' month after that time.

  3. It will be your responsibility to set up a monthly direct debit on the 1st of each Month.

  4. After 5 months you can cancel your Membership at any time - with one months written notice to Your deposit will be used for this month.




(or anytime in school) with

One Months Deposit and Your First Months Fees


Please request the subscription form (in school only) - with our bank details for future transfers. 

(payments will always be in your hands and at your best discretion, we will never take money from your account). 

As payments are due on the first of the month, if you join any other day of the month, we will calculate, deduct,

refund or Pay Forward anything due.