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Bikram Yoga 26&2 to suit your 2023


Upon receipt of your Application we will be in touch

Following successful application inc. deposit, you will receive a copy of the Standing series dialogue to begin learning.

Successful Applicants agree to first learn the Standing Series (minimum), verbatim.  Your training may not continue until this part is complete.




You will be expected to practice at least 5 x per week Bikram Yoga 

In Edinburgh, at an approved school, or in a suitable alternative environment (please discuss).

Begin essential reading list.


Attend one x 1hr meeting per week with  a member of faculty 

Dialogue support, check in, guidance, kudos, kick up the ass, gentle encouragement etc.


Additional hours group dialogue practice with willing trainees, teachers, students

 (zoom, in school or anywhere you choose).





Our mutual goal will be to keep things simple and happy.

The worlds population, undoubtedly needs more Bikram Yoga and less chaos.


 An Agreement will be approved and signed by yourself, Emma Campion and a third member of the training. With all parties in full, clear, agreement on all expectations for how your training will proceed.

We will hold ourselves accountable - with integrity, a decent moral compass, honesty, kindness, clear thinking, love and respect for each other.

Confident in our abilities to help steer you in the right directions for you, and to proudly coach you to teach and practice Bikram Yoga in its purest form.

We will trust that you will always continue to learn and develop as a teacher and Yogi. And, that we will see you at teacher trainings every once in a while. We will surely stay in touch as appropriate


Confident that your standing as a great teacher of this series will always serve you well and take you wherever you want to go within this incredible world wide community.

We will always do our best to connect you with like minded teachers and schools, wherever you may find  yourself.


You will develop knowledge, skills and awareness relative to:


The specifics and the magic of Bikram Yoga.


Why we teach, what we do, as we do.

The dialogue and how to use it. 


Teaching beyond the dialogue.


Anatomy, Physiology & Welbeing in relation to Bikram Yoga.

Personal Integrity & Self Awareness.

Yoga Philosophy, Ethics, Code of Conduct.

Finding your place within your practice and your teaching.

Becoming a wonderful, genuine, teacher.

Upon completion of all parts of the training programme, you will become

Certified to teach Bikrams Beginning Yoga Class as simply and as brilliantly as it was created to be taught. 


You will have experience leading classes in excellent schools, with great teachers, lovely students and a variety of mentors.


You will have attained (hopefully) glowing references for your future.

We take the responsibility of this training earnestly, and tread gently, with the utmost respect to 

Our Lineage

We are not associated with any Yoga alliances supporting Bikram Yoga at this time. We, are unable to agree with criteria for graduating teachers, nor with all the curriculum guidelines; We cannot appreciate the ongoing fees for you - and can find no real life advantages of affiliation at this time.



Please research yourself before making any decisions.


Course Fees


Deposit £500



Payment plans (Monthly payments affordable to you)

Scholarships (Please tell us in less than 300 words, why you should receive this and how much you can afford to pay)

Part Work-study (Edinburgh based only)


Please let us know in 'anything else' on Application if you wish to apply for any of the above.

Let us know details of previous Training(s) on Application 

Hours attended, current qualifications and skills etc.

Hours can be accredited. Reduced hours and fees possible (up to £1000 discount).

You will  be expected to complete and pass our A&P paper, and have achieved a basic First Aid Certificate to be eligible.

Deposit & Fees are Non Refundable, they may be held as appropriate.

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