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True Stories

"It's the best thing I have ever done for myself; I feel incredibly lucky to have found Bikram  Yoga Edinburgh!.." 


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"A gem of a place.  I totally recommend!"

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 "My  consultant said I had made a remarkable recovery which in no small way was because of Bikram Yoga.."


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"Yoga has helped me stay sober.."

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"Great warm and welcoming yoga studio to all levels and amazing teachers."


"The teachers are lovely and inspiring and teach with empathy and encouragement. This is a beautiful community of people that practice and teach, and they are always warm and welcoming."

"I’ve fallen in love with the practice and how it makes me feel both during and after.."

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"My spine is in good shape and that affects my whole being. But the main benefits are psychological."

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"The teachers will work you hard but look after you throughout. You would struggle to feel out of place since there are people of all ages, sizes and abilities..."

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‘’I used to have bad tendonitis in my hands

but now it has gone.’'

 Jane, 55

"Great little Bikram aka now 26/2 studio in Edinburgh - will definitely drop in again when next up on business! "


"Up until I smashed my right knee threw the dashboard off my marina coupe car, I had always kept myself in reasonable shape.."

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"I quickly started to reduce my anti-depressants and within a year took a “break” from counselling that turned into permanency..."

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"Wonderful teachers and great atmosphere."


"Great place, great practice, great teachers. 

Fixed me."


" I found myself transitioning from medication daily, to occasionally, to exceptionally.."

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