Fees, plans, discounts & more


Deposit £500



Payment plans

(Monthly payments affordable to you)

Part scholarship 

Please tell us in less than 300 words, why you should receive this


Part Work-study

(Edinburgh based only)


Please let us know in 'anything else' on Application if you wish to apply for any of the above

Have you completed another teacher training then realised this is the practice you truly love and want to share? 

Hours can be accredited

Reduced hours and fees possible

(up to £1000 discount)

Please let us know details of Training(s) Hours attendedcurrent qualifications and skills etc,

on Application 

You will  be expected to complete and pass our A&P paper,

and have achieved a basic First Aid Certificate, to be eligible for this application.


Upon receipt of your Application

we will be in touch

Following successful application inc. deposit, you will receive a copy of the Standing series dialogue to begin learning immediately 

(see 'Course')


Successful Applicants agree to first learn the Standing Series (minimum), verbatim. 

Deposit/fees will be held until complete.

Deposit & Fees are Non Refundable

unless in exceptional circumstance of the Agreement not being Upheld  & at Tinka Yogas Discretion