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The School

A welcoming converted warehouse

light, large and clear, purpose built hot yoga room.

The yoga room is heated and humidified with regular fresh air changes. There is a mirrored wall to guide you in your practice and the floor of the yoga room is covered in antibacterial Flotex (see FAQs) . We have changing rooms with great showers; as well as a comfortable communal space to sit, chat, read, relax, and meet your fellow students and teachers if you choose, or have questions before and after class.

We are an independent, non affiliated, community yoga school teaching authentic 26&2 Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga)

 As students of B.E.Hot Yoga, you will practice the original, true and best hot yoga series, taught exclusively by experienced teachers qualified to do so.



Our aim is to ensure everybody who wants to practice this series, will...

We offer free Introductory passes - if you think you or someone you know would benefit, please get in touch below.


Work-study/karma yoga program.

Three hours of your time per week will give you the chance to work with a team of lovely, like minded, supportive, happy people, and receive attendance to all classes and the rewards that Will bring.


To be eligible you must: Have attended at least 5 classes and Love the Yoga. Be kind, observant, dependable and thoughtful

Trades:  Marketing/Social Media Skills, Cleaning, Gardening. We are open to all offers. Please let us know any skills you may have to bring good things to the community. Talk to us or email.. 


Karma Team
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