Until we are permitted to re-open, we are leaving you in the very capable hands of the incredible


Esak Garcia and his team are bringing you over 40 classes a week to suit all levels.

The primary classes are 26&2 Bikram Yoga; with lots more classes on offer for you to explore.

Simply purchase a week or a month and we will send you the login details well ahead of schedule.


                                         Sample Schedule.









Home practice is a bit different from coming to the school. It may not be as hot (it can be) but is still incredibly rewarding and beneficial to you health and wellbeing.


We encourage you if at all possible to invest in The Home Hot Yoga Studio, (or infrared heaters and maybe a small humidifier (wet towels and a big bowl of water could also assist with the air quality)). Or, layer up, for while you are building heat in your body.

Just get hot however you can.


Find a space with a minimum of 2msq (somewhere you can fully extend your arms in all directions, standing and laying down) Ensuring there are no hazards within this space (heaters, glass, china etc).

Disclaimer -By Joining online classes you automatically accept full responsibility for your own safety and recognise that in absence of a teacher physically present to advise, it is your duty to take full responsibility to ensure that you have a safe space to practice and stay within your physical limits. Neither Shere Calm nor any of our agents shall bear any responsibility for any injury sustained within the scope of your participation in our on-line sessions. 

Week Unlimited £20

Month Unlimited £50

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