Zoom in your Room 



Home practice is a bit different from coming to the school.  It may not be as hot but is still incredibly rewarding and beneficial. Your teachers and yoga pals will be there for you just the same, albeit on a screen,

for chat, love and laughs before classes. 


We encourage you if at all possible to invest in infrared heaters (£20-200!) and maybe even a small humidifier (wet towels and a big bowl of water could also assist with the air quality). Or, layer up, for while you are building heat in your body.


Find a space with a minimum of 2msq (somewhere you can fully extend your arms in all directions, standing and laying down) Ensuring there are no hazards within this space (heaters, glass, china etc)


If you are unable to follow the teachers instructions, cease practicing immediately. You may continue to watch the others on the screen, and please contact us afterwards. If your teacher sees this happening they will surely check in with you. 


Make the commitment to yourself, remember how much you love this practice and yourself!

Log in, Zoom in or Press Play, it really is that simple. 

F.A. (Zoom) Q's

I have not exercised in a long time will I be ok?

Absolutely. Our classes are ideal for all abilities and our teachers will encourage you to work at you own pace to your own best ability, just as with our in school classes, you can take a knee whenever you need to. If you have never practiced Bikram Yoga or Inferno Pilates before, please be sure to drop us an email first, so we can be sure we know of any injuries you may be working with, (which the yoga can help with) and give you some tips for your first class.

Do I need to book?

Not at all! Our classes are open to anyone with an internet connections and a can-do attitude (classes will stream on a phone/tablet/laptop). Simply contact us for your free class, or purchase classes/membership

here and you are good to go!

Do I need to have my camera on?

Our teachers would prefer to see you so that they can help guide you in the postures for your safety and for maximum benefits from the class. But if you prefer not to be on the screen, that's fine (tbh it is very unlikely anyone but the teacher will be looking at you because they will all be in their own yoga bubble).

Disclaimer -By Joining our online classes you automatically accept full responsibility for your own safety and recognise that in absence of a teacher physically present to advise, it is your duty to take full responsibility to ensure that you have a safe space to practice and stay within your physical limits. Neither Shere Calm nor any of our agents shall bear any responsibility for any injury sustained within the scope of your participation in our on-line sessions. 

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